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Introverts are observant by nature. They’re the quiet ones who prefer to sit at the sidelines and observe those around them. And no, they’re not judging people when they do this. This also doesn’t mean that introverts are wallflowers. They can talk your ear off if the topic is something they’re passionate or know a lot about. They simply don’t feel the need nor have the energy to be social butterflies.

As Susan Cain puts it, “We’re not anti-social; we’re just differently social.”

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today’s great! 

i did not report to work today, i caught the flu, you know the usual muscle spasms, colds and fever because the aircon in the office is freezing us to death. i love staying at home though i’m a bit worried about the long line of applicants i’ll be dealing with tomorrow. yes, this is how much i love my work. if only the office is just an hour away from home i’d be totally fine. *sigh*

Hey blog!

It’s so good to be home during the weekends. I hope weekends never ends. I love love love to be home, to be with my parents, to play with my dogs, to do the things I love to do, a lot! Because during weekdays, I am nothing but a corporate slave. I am no good. I will be paid a minimum wage as an HR assistant at this “ABC” leading HMO company and they are working me like a horse from sunrise to sundown 9 hours a day and I have to travel about 4-6 hours a day just to go to work and back home. Perhaps if the pay is a wee bit higher I won’t feel so exploited as this and I won’t get my self-esteem bruised, as you see, me, a graduate of a prestigious university having attained a Bachelor of Science degree, actually qualified to go to medical school or to law school by choice, but instead working and getting paid less than what I deserve…geez…what have I gotten myself into. I like what I am doing but that is never enough to make me  satisfied. I never expected a job to make me happy, I just want to have fulfillment at work by getting what I think I deserve. At first I thought I am not after the money, it’s the experience that I want. BUT NO, I found out that IT’S NEVER TRUE. We all work for money, we all work for a living. And that is the only motivation we got, money plus the other things. I am no different from all other employees out there, we are all willing to be slaves in exchange for money.

Damn that cliche “do what you love and love what you do”. It’s just a good all lie of the capitalists’ propaganda. They work us like horses and make us believe that we gotta love what we do for their own benefit when at the end of the day, these things never really mattered anyway, at least not more than how our personal lives and the people in them should matter. 

Hi blog!

Sorry for not writing to you recently. For the past few days I’ve been busy doing house chores and scouting some jobs. Well it’s not really “some” since I only made two choices after my PAL experience. I tried applying as a stock broker in E*trade at Makati (I know this is totally out of the plan) to see if I am intellectually qualified for the job. I passed the LIMRA assessment  however I am not really into it because the nature of the job did not meet my expectations and so that’s where I ended my application process. Anyway if i changed my mind someday Sir Paul, the HR, said I’ll be welcome anytime.

My second interview happened in Medicard where I applied as an HR assistant. I walked in  the same day I had an exam for E*trade just to pass my resume and I told the receptionist to schedule me for an interview the day after. Know what, I am proud to announce that I got the perfect kind of job that I always wanted! I will be specializing in recruitment, yes it’s more than the payrolls, the phone calls, the supervising, the papers and the attendance baby! It is the recruitment! Yaaay! I will be meeting a lot of people soon! And I am also excited to get to know all the people I will be working with!

Anyway, the same day I got hired, an assistant principal from a Montessori school called me and invited me to apply for a vacant preschool teacher position, of course I had to decline her offer. You know it never crossed my mind to become a teacher even after graduation because I don’t think I can adhere to that kind of job for too long since I am not a choleric type of person who would restrict her students’ wants and shape their personalities according to her own. (But you do know that I would love to own  a progressive preschool someday, right? Since I love to be around children). Compared to being a preschool teacher, the HR position really suits my skills and personality well and it felt like I was on cloud 9 when I got accepted for the job, however, at the same time, I am also humbled by the fact that I have to start by earning a basic salary; that if I am going to deduct the taxes and my personal/transpo expenses, all that would be left for me would be equivalent or less than the amount of my monthly allowance when I was still a student. My sister despises me for that. Hey, but I don’t mind! You see it’s not about money anymore we’re talking about the nature of the job here! If I wanted money then I would be out of the country by now because my Singapore and Beijing offer would be more than enough for me to shoulder not just my personal expenses but that of my dogs’ and parents’ as well. Another good news is that I’m already starting next week! Yaaaaay!

My siblings may say that I made the wrong choice, but I got my earplugs on! I know I will definitely love my job and I have no doubts for that! Thank you Lord! I pray that I won’t be a slave for money, please don’t let me wander in the wrong track.

Hey I’m back from my PALex Impact Interview! You know what I am actually qualified except for my height and that’s why they offered me a ground attendant position. I’m up for the waiting game now. lalala

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