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Introverts are observant by nature. They’re the quiet ones who prefer to sit at the sidelines and observe those around them. And no, they’re not judging people when they do this. This also doesn’t mean that introverts are wallflowers. They can talk your ear off if the topic is something they’re passionate or know a lot about. They simply don’t feel the need nor have the energy to be social butterflies.

As Susan Cain puts it, “We’re not anti-social; we’re just differently social.”

Glori Surban (via creatingaquietmind)

(Source: alexandra-karamazov)

today’s great! 

i did not report to work today, i caught the flu, you know the usual muscle spasms, colds and fever because the aircon in the office is freezing us to death. i love staying at home though i’m a bit worried about the long line of applicants i’ll be dealing with tomorrow. yes, this is how much i love my work. if only the office is just an hour away from home i’d be totally fine. *sigh*

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